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What is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual problem that can affect achievement, learning, and performance for struggling readers. For good readers, it can limit the time an individual can read with comfort and comprehension. Irlen Syndrome is not detected by standard educational, visual, or medical tests. Irlen Syndrome can affect many different areas, including:

Affected Individuals

Individuals may have slow and inefficient reading, strain, fatigue, or poor reading comprehension. Writing, copying, math computation, and/or computer use can be affected. Those with Irlen Syndrome often do not make significant progress from instruction and remediation.

Symptoms of Irlen Syndrome Include:

The Irlen Method

The Irlen Method is non-invasive technology that uses colored overlays and filters to improve the brain’s ability to process visual information. It is the only method scientifically proven to successfully correct the processing problems associated with Irlen Syndrome. This technology can improve reading fluency, comfort, comprehension, attention, and concentration while reducing light sensitivity. This is not a method of reading instruction. It is a color-based technology that filters out offensive light waves, so the brain can accurately process visual information.

Approximately 46% of individuals with reading problems, ADD/HD, dyslexia, or various learning disabilities may suffer from Irlen Syndrome. Individuals may be viewed as underachievers with behavioral, attitudinal, or motivational problems. Individuals may appear bright but seen as “not trying hard enough.”

The Irlen Method does not replace the need for instruction or remediation but removes a barrier to learning.

Correcting Irlen Syndrome can result in the following improvements:

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