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Screener Training - Course Objectives

This course will describe the Irlen Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, a neuro-visual disorder which affects approximately 16-18% of the general public and half of those who evidence difficulties in reading, communication, listening difficulties with some or all sources of light (but especially fluorescent light) and light-related problems with depth perception (balance, coordination, driving) and color perception. Evaluation and treatment options will be described for each of the levels of severity as determined by the IRPS, Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale, developed by Helen Irlen. Video examples will be provided to help illustrate the techniques involved and the kinds of differences that can be observed with the use of the correct overlay(s).

At the end of the two day workshop,participants will be able to:

This training is designed for educators, psychologists, reading specialists, counselors, learning disabilities specialists and assessment team members, including nurses, occupational therapists or physical therapists.